The riches are in the niches!

As a VA, you’re selling your time and expertise. So if you’re maxing out all of your available time with client work, you’re making as much money as you can, right?

Not by a long shot.

The secret to making great income as a Virtual Assistant is "specialization." The riches are in the niches, and in this course, we'll identify a high-paying and in-demand skill that you can offer right away to bring in more income. 

Although this course is presented from a Virtual Assistant point of view, the lessons within are great for any freelancer who wants to identify a skill that's in demand and worth top-dollar.


👉 "This course was extremely helpful. The bane of my existence was narrowing down a niche to stand out among the competition. The flow of the presentation was spot on-not to fast and not to slow. Very easy to stay engaged."

👉 "Wonderful course, full of valuable information for growth. Thank you!" 

👉 "This course was amazing! Super helpful and I love the energy!"

What this course covers:

Together, we'll learn how to research and identify in-demand skills for VA's that are hot and will help maximize your income. We'll brainstorm services that you can offer now and access scripts to help you increase your rates (without burning any bridges).

You can get through this course in one-sitting and start implementing strategies to offer highly specialized skills today! In addition to lifetime access to course lectures, you'll also have access to:

  • a writable PDF to help you track and filter out high-paying skills,

  • a writable checklist to track in-demand services, 

  • scripts to help introduce your new skills and rates to current (or new) clients.

Who this course is for: 

Established VA's who want to earn more money and reach high-paying clients by offering a specialty, in-demand skill.

About the instructor: 

I'm Erin, and in 2012, I was a burned out VA. I was frustrated because I assisted clients nonstop during the week, and capped how much money I could make. I had a choice: I could either continue to charge standard hourly rates and work full-time hours or I could specialize in an in-demand skill and make more money than I ever imagined. 

Choosing a high-paying skill changed my business. Today, I offer my clients specialty skills like conference curation and event production. These high-paying skills allow me to make more money without working with a full client-load and I'm very excited to share how you can do the same for your own business. 

I can't wait to see you in the course! 

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What You'll Learn in This Course

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

  • 2

    Identify Your Skills: Brainstorm Session

    • How to Brainstorm Skill Effectively (+ Writable PDF)

    • How to Filter Your Results (+ Writable PDF)

  • 3

    Researching Current In-Demand Skills

    • How to Research In-Demand Skills and Industries

  • 4

    How to Compare Your Skills with Your Research

    • Comparing Your Skills With Your Research

  • 5

    How to Master Your New Specialty Skill

    • Master Your New Skill Online with Online Learning Tools

  • 6

    How to Price Your New Specialty Skill

    • How to Price Your In-Demand Skill Based on VA Competition

    • How a Flat (Monthly) Rate Can Help You Triple Your VA Rate

  • 7

    Introducing Your High-Priced Item to Clients

    • Introducing Your Specialty Skill to Current Clients (+ Script)

    • Introducing Your Specialty Skill to New Clients (+ Script)

  • 8

    How to Attract High-Paying Clients By Changing Your LinkedIn Title

    • The Formula for Attracting High-Paying Clients on LinkedIn

  • 9

    Course Close and Next Steps

    • Thank you for watching, let's connect!

Work less and earn more.

Find your niche and charge more money. It's that simple.