Ready to sign your dream clients?

Once you decide to start working as a Virtual Assistant, you face your real big challenge - finding your first clients!

This course will help you explore your ideal client, discover their challenges, where they "hang out" online, and how you can land your dream clients through a variety of tried and true methods.

Module 1: Define your ideal client.

In this module, you'll create a client avatar and brainstorm your dream client's demographic and psychographic traits. This will help you understand who may make a great longterm client; one you love working with and one who loves working with you.

We'll also explore where your dream clients hang out online and (once we find them) how to extrapolate their challenges. Understanding their unique challenges will help you tailor your pitch.

Module 2: Define your SOPs

In this module, we'll write out your "SOPs," or Standard Operating Procedures. It's a great opportunity to shape how you want to run your business, when and how often you work, how often you get paid, etc. It's also a crucial step to take before you can pitch clients. 

Relatedly, we'll also take some time to explore your "why." Exploring your purpose, your passion, or your reason for working as a VA is a great way to use it as a lens for finding future clients. If they don't align with your "why," they might not be a great fit for you.

Module 3: Rehearsing your elevator pitch.

Now that you know who you want to target, what challenges they face, and how they align with your vision of your business, we can use your brainstorm pieces to put together your elevator pitch. 

We'll cover a pitch formula to help, and from there, you'll craft the perfect pitch. We'll also practice pitch delivery! Because you could be the most capable VA in town, but if you don't have your pitch down, you risk losing the sale. 

Module 4: The clients

It's time to get you some clients! In the last module, we'll discuss 4 methods for putting your pitch to good use. Learn the best ways to pitch, the best way to ask for referrals, and how to turn those recommendations into real clients (and more income).


I've included a BONUS 15-minute "mini course" that will help you craft the perfect LinkedIn headline. Having a great headline that's SEO rich will help you attract your dream clients on the platform. Having this in place after you've perfected your pitch is a great way to land clients on a new platform. 

This course is comprised of a mix of media: videos with my face, presentation slides, downloadable resources, and external articles (to showcase real-world examples of some of the content).

See you in the course!

EXACTLY What I Needed

Katie S.

This is EXACTLY what I've been needing with regards to how to identify my client avatar and then how to begin to find out what they struggle with. Thank you!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Ideal Client Avatar

  • 3

    Planning How to Run Your Business

    • What You'll Learn In This Section

    • What Are Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?

    • Define Your SOPs [Worksheet]

    • Find Your "Why"

    • More "Why" Examples

  • 4

    Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

  • 5

    Where to Find New Clients

    • What You'll Learn In This Section

    • Method 1: Family and Friends (It's Not What You Think!)

    • Method 2: Pitching on Social Media Groups

    • Method 3: Subcontracting

    • The SECRET to Pitching: Show, Don't Tell.

    • Method 4: Testimonials (and HOW to Ask for Them!)

    • Method 5: Virtual Networking Events

    • Method 6: Using Referrals to Make More Money

  • 6

    BONUS MINI COURSE: Crafting a LinkedIn Headline That Sells

    • What You'll Learn In This BONUS Course

    • Crafting a LinkedIn Headline That Attracts Clients

  • 7

    Thank you!

    • Course Recap and Thank You

Another fantastic course.

Nicola J.

Yet again, another fantastic course by Erin. Informative, engaging and incredibly useful. It's given me the confidence and know-how to find my ideal clients.

Here's to finding more, better, and higher-paying clients this year.