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Ever wondered what the difference between a mentor and a coach is? While there's lots of overlap between the two terms, let's look at some of the key differences, too.


A mentor is someone has been in a similar situation to you, who can advise on what course of action they took and how it worked out. You learn from their experience.Mentorship is typically a long-term relationship.


A coach is someone who asks questions to encourage the coachee to come up with their own solutions wherever possible. Coaches tend to train people on one specific topic or goal.Coaching is typically a short-term relationship.

not just theory.

Theories can only take you so far. I provide hands-on and practical training to help you create a VA business based on systems that work.

Hi, I'm Erin.

I'm both a virtual assistant and VA mentor!Since 2012, l've had the privilege of helping over 40,000 students launch their own businesses. I'm all about giving you the clarity and confidence to make your VA dreams a reality.As your mentor, I'm your personal cheerleader and teacher. I embrace a hands-on, informative and open-book style of teaching, and I can't wait to help you grow your business!



"One month after taking Erin's courses, I signed 4 clients! I highly recommend her." ~Stacy


"This is the exact content that I've been searching for for over one year!" ~Xochi


"Erin's extensive knowledge is insightful and engaging, you'll never be bored." ~Olivia

Learn from home

I teach virtual assistants through a variety of online courses, videos, and live training sessions. Learn at your own pace from your laptop or smart phone.

Single courses

Looking for standalone courses that provide targeted knowledge and practical skills? Level up specific areas of your VA expertise with these individual courses.Courses can be completed in one afternoon!


12-week course

Looking for something more structured? My 12-week course is designed to help new VAs launch a new business and master a success-mindset.This program includes access to monthly live YouTube coaching sessions with me.


tailor-made for you.

All content was made by a virtual assistant, for virtual assistants. Regardless of your niche or industry, you'll ace the skills that are in-demand, and learn about the best tools for our business.

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Check out my teaching style on my YouTube channel. Join over 23,000 subscribers as I share my best tips, tools, and tutorials each week!

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